Thermal Management & Display drive configuration on Apalis and Colibri Modules

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DocumentationWe are delighted to share information on the heat management and display drive strength configuration features on the Apalis and Colibri modules.

Thermal Management 
Our modules are world renowned for their efficient design vis-à-vis heat dissipation.Specifically speaking, our Colibri Modules do not even require heat sinks.However, depending on the environment and the use case, a thermal solution can provide an advantage.In the latest developer article, we check out the various module families and the ways in which you can prevent them from over-heating without affecting performance.Read more

Display drive strength configuration 

Display is an extremely important addition to versatile CoMs.We have an extraordinary number of supported display peripherals on the Apalis and Colibri modules like LVDS, RGB TFT, VGA DAC and so on.Hence, for some modules it is necessary to change the default drive-strength (buffer-strength) for the LCD signals to ensure that these interfaces work correctly.The drive-strength setting can be adjusted in the registry.Read more

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